Puzzles or wars

It is famous the anecdote of the spanish writer Ramón María del Valle Inclán, who was working at the countryside, in an orchard, and someone said to him: "Hi, don Ramón. Working?", and he answered: "Not all, just having a rest", with a big smile in his face.

Sometimes, I think that I am, somehow, a man closer to the action than the thinking attitude. Then, I laugh in my own; if you look at me through a small hole you could see than I am not exactly a clone of, I don't know, Nicolas Sarkozy in his busiest years. I remember a day, seven years old, when I was reading something about Gemini, my zodiac sign. In the brief description of the feature of this group, I read the word "restless" (inquieto), and I asked to my mother if I really was a restless boy. I don't remember the answer so I guess she even didn't know the accurate answer.

Even today I don't know if I am a quiet man or a restless one, maybe a mixture of both.

A few weeks ago, I heard from my cousin mouth, Julio, something that could be understood as a good approach to me: "Tú eras de puzles". You were a puzzle guy. I remember long and pleasant afternoons doing puzzles with Mar, the girl that used to keep with us in my first childhood (because there are some childhoods). I remember a 200 pieces one, with a drawing of the Pitufos, in which we both worked till my back get painful. I felt confortable and happy doing this kind of activity. I were only a puzzle guy? Sports were, in different ways, also present in my childhood, so it is a difficult issue.

Years go by and the quandary gets bigger. Do I am a restless guy or just the opposite, someone fated to get lonesome in his corner, doing his cerebral works? Years go by and I check by myself that to much time working in a puzzle, doing this kind of abstract and quite works get me upset, and I get pushed to do other kind of things, let's call them physical. Maybe the balance rests in a wisdom combination of the orchard of Valle-Inclán and some 'scriptorium' works.

Seen all the subject in its more optimistic way, maybe the answer is not a quandary but a complete 'menu' of skills, puzzles and wars, brain and arms. Getting away of the fears of a brain jail, and the benefits of working, at the moment, like a russian mujik, as Lev Tolstoi used to do in his older years.


And excuse me for the likely big amount of mistakes...

Y disculpas por la probable cantidad de fallos y patadas a la shakespiriana lengua.


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