"Such a far people, neighbours". Accurate quote by Benjamin Prado (from his 'Pura lógica', 500 aforismos, Ediciones Hiperión). Neighbours, we live together but completely far away from each other. Not always. In recent years, I developed a social skill in order to create closer links with people who lives sorrounding me. In big cities like Madrid is it useful, it is what people use to call vida de barrio.

Last monday, one of my favourite shirts fell down from the clothes line. I felt I little pain or empathy for the flying shirt, a Ben Sherman, but I found some relief when I saw that it had been hooked on a balcony, on the second floor. Monday and tuesday I went down to recover my flying shirt, but nobody answered at the other side. This evening, wednesday, after my first class of classical guitar as a teacher, I went downstairs and she opened me her door. It was a nice girl, maybe a young mother, thin and polite. She told me about my fortune, because the night before she received some friends and she were close to offer it to them.

I went back home, some steps higher, with a renewed feeling of the whole building where I live, occupied by some tough people. Then I started this new post with mixed feelings. The certainty that all of us, neighbours, we are strangers to the each other, and the verification that things, our closer world, our conception of it, can change everytime. This time, in the good sense.

We never know what happens at the other side of the wall.
Drawing: François Matton


  1. Qué cuidado hay que tener con la publicidad de Blogger... Leo tu artículo, que es estupendo, por cierto, y la publicidad es de "Pastelería creativa". No te favorece nada.

  2. Gracias... en general la publicidad jode cualquier cosa con ínfulas artísticas. El otro día vi unas imágenes de toros en sudamérica.. y me llamó mucho la atención los paneles publicitarios por todo el coso.. No me hemos llegado a eso en España, pero todo podría ser.

    En mi caso, pronto llegaré a los 70 euros por ingresos publicitarios. Me ha costado más de un año llegar a esa cifra, con la que no me forraré, pero me da para pagar varios dominios que tengo pillados en internet, entre ellos este.


  3. I wouldn´t trust your newfound thin and polite downstairs neighbour , if I were you .
    Giving away a shirt that obviously landed from an upstairs neighbour´s balcony is crooked.
    Or maybe she was lying to you..., she was pulling your leg to watch your reaction.
    That could cast a different light in the whole matter.
    Former Yugoslavians or old people who survived the Civil War could give us all horrifying neighbour stories to feed our nightimares .
    Maybe the pornographic approach is the better one.

  4. Hi Eduardo,
    I do read all of your posts; both in Spanish and in English.
    Your english is very good; I wish I could write as well in Spanish, or in any language, for that matter. (You make only minor errors and I didn't think it was my business to point to your mistakes).
    Regarding the topic of this post, they say that one of the way to prevent alzhaimers disease is to have more social interactions with people. So socializing with neighbors, I suppose, is a good thing. To a point :).

  5. Thank you, indee, Dmitry, for your comment. Very interesting the point about alzheimer and socializing... It' something healthy, completely.

    I know that there will be some mistakes, but I prefer to do it (write in english), despite the possible 'kicks to the dictionary' (haha, literal traduction of the expression).



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