Two years ago I read the book of Murakami called ¿De qué hablo cuando hablo de correr? (Tusquets), this subtil mention of the Raymond Carver's tittle ¿De qué hablamos cuando hablamos de amor?. The japanese writer, born at the same year than my father, said that the main skill in the art of writing was concentration. Not thinking in other things, just focus all your intelligence on the paper.

In the age of the fragmentation mind and the invasion of differents stimulous at the same time and from many devices, seeking concentration could be seen as a huge and heroic venture. Anyway, is obvius than a certain concentration is basic to reach your artistic, and no artistic, goals.

But, in addittion to concentration, seen as a virtue, there is a vice that we have to keep out as soon as possible: hyperventilation.

Is easy to understand what I talk about when I am talking about hyperventilation if you think in swimming or running. The amateur swimmer use to go faster than he can, without breathing at the right rythm, in the same pattern as the beginner runner does. A bad strategy with bad consequences, like a body who fell unconfortable, too tired, let's say wooden, and a increasing rejection of these physical activities, and the following frustration.

To cope this natural inclination for the hyperventilation, in sports but also in other sphere of life, is the first step in the conquer of concentration, and the way to be efficient in several challenges of life. Sometimes I think we are, all of us, victims of this natural tendency to hyperventilate. We can see daily in different conversations, people often talks too fast, without listening to the other, eaten their own words, without leaving the necessary time to digest the thinking that they have just share.

The result is a society hiperventilate and, then, hypertrophied. In somehow, I like to think that we have gone beyond this hyperventilation, and we have recently go throught, or we are at least in the early years of a certain sustainabilty of our attitudes, and that is such an interesting path to be in.


  1. There is much to be said for the idea of hyperventilation .
    I´ll dare to suggest that the bottom line lies down in the purpose.
    We ,mammals ( nothing more , nothing less) run either to scape danger or purchase protein sources on the run.
    Swimming , hence , would be just the agonizing effort to avoid death by drowning while trying to reach ,as quick as possible, the nearest shore , leaving behind predators infested waters.
    Very stressing activities , no discussion on that I guess.
    Therefore : running , swimming , stressing one´s own body to the limit , but with our lives not at stake , is a contorted form of Fascist masochism commonly named SPORT.
    A very lucrative industry in hyperventilated ludicrous times .
    I´ll stick to Proust and his asthma and Bernhard and his steel lungs´wet dreams.
    By the way , what´s all this sudden English scribbling about ?
    Back to school or what ? oi mate ?
    No sweat , please yourself.

  2. Oh, my dear, what a rich english, Vandramé, I am completely astonished!

    I answer by the end: I have a lack of new ideas, or maybe a lack of motivation (have them sense, blogs?), so I have discovered than writing in an other language I do something stimulating and, also, the ideas put in other language sounds better, elegant, like renew.

  3. What about the bottom lines? Please, explain you wider...

  4. There´s only one bottom line and it lies in the purpose . To put it in Monty Pyton´s words : The meaning of life .
    Running or swimming or any sort of strugle to keep on holding to the perch its always read by our unconscious mind and by our body like THE EFFORT.
    We live in competitive times , in a competitive society so we mislead our minds and bodies by pushing them way to far . And what´s the point ?
    To do the things for no purpose at all might be the only way to find a path . To be able to lay the track thanks to not following any given way at all . Finding it without even thinking of the quest for it . Shite , it all came out like FegShui , ying yang jargoonish mumbo jumbo.
    Run if you like to run , not because you´re being followed ( mataphorically ) , swim just for the sake of it , not because you´re forced to it somehow.
    Everything is pointless, staying alive is our main finality .
    The rest is sheer vanity , I almost said noise.

  5. I'll answer you later, more profusally (palabro). Interesting. I do things only because I think they could provide me more happiness, just for that.

  6. And help me to be, yes..., better person. (uff, excuse for this moment)

  7. Making it short . If you run your guts out you´ll probably grow a dislike for running . "Excercise is good for you little twart , so run with some sense ." That´s what Mr. Tatami says if I´m not mistaken.
    My point is ; let them run , let them drop , sooner or later the world will stop .
    If you run , run , and don´t make a fucking fuss of it .


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