Men don't turn to look at me

Just after having mention Milan Kundera (still alive), I went to Conde Duque's library. I looked for a novel of this writer, I wanted to read more from him, the only book I have read is The Unbearable Lightness of Being. As a coincidence, I found a girl who was exactly at the Kundera's corner, at that solitary and calm moment of the afternoon. Fortunately, she was not interesed in the same titles than me. I chose La identidad, written in 1998.

Seconds later, I took also La caida, de Albert Camus, a very thin book, but full of promises. I prefer thin novels than very big ones; I sleep all nights with La noche de los tiempos close to me, but I feel not strong enough for such literaty venture.

So I started La identidad and I discovered why Kundera is each year nominated for the Nobel prize. His deep psychological sight, for instance. When you read about his characters, you feel as if you were inside their minds, men or women, and that is admirable. For example, when Chantal (the main female character) became sad because of a conclusion: men don't look her as in the past. She had become older, less pretty, less charming. And it's hard to assume it.

Once, I made an experiment, in the Madrid subway corridors. I put myself just behind a pretty young girl, and I walk like this for a while. I saw what she saw, and it was shocking. All the guys, almost the 99% of them, stared at her body, her face. Some of them with briefs sights, some of them without catching their desire at all. I found it quite stressing, having all those odd eyes like glue on her skin. Why does the girl felt in that situation? I'm not Milan Kundera to figure out it.

But, thinking about Chantal's complain, I feel lucky. Girls don't use to look at me in that way, and if they do, they look so surreptitiously that I never notice it. But there is a moment, in every pretty woman biography, that people, men and also women, stop looking at her, their eyes choose new aesthetic goals. A small drama, if you want, but not at all light or superficial. It has to do with beauty and his unfathomable misteries.


  1. I don´t like girls with short hair. This is the thing more snobbish that i have done in a long time: writing in English (very bad english, of corse).

    I can´t feeling the back doors of the words in a foreign language, just can try to communicate me like a basci man, and a i hate it.

    Anyway, i have discovered that have understood it all. A pleasant surprise for me. Not all is lost, but can you return to the spanish lenguage? i can not be myself in another lenguage, sorry.



  2. This is not the way to be presindents of the goverment.

  3. I think that speaking, writing, reading in english is not a 'snobbish' thing. We must to go away this idea..

    (What are these capital letters that you put today and yesterday?? Any key message?)

    I agree with you: writing in foreign languages turns you some kind of basic man.. But sometimes, it smthing great. Writing in english is the only way to get some profits of the free and altruist (¿false friend?) act of writing.

  4. TY: Thank you
    LOL: Laughing Out Loud.

    You are not in the wave, my friend!!! LOL

  5. Lollipop, Lollipop, oh, Lolli, Lollipop.

  6. El otro día me compré un Melody Pop, recordando el coñazo que daba de pequeño con ellos hasta que dejaba de chuflar. Mi padre, que era un poco cabrón, siempre me decía que lo mordiera, que así sabía más rico. Por cierto, una de esas señoras coñazo tipo grupo ídem del facebook, me dijo que a mi edad cómo podía hacer tanto el payaso. Le respondí que había nacido un 29 de febrero, que se hiciera cargo de mis 8 años.

  7. Hoy me ha dado por el búlgaro:

    Въпросът е по-скоро това: какво ти харесва с бразилския в слабините или с коса, дълга коса?


    Que conste que la pregunta tiene miga. It's pretty deep!

  8. Oh qué gusto, César Augusto, La última persona a la que entendí hablar en inglés fue al difunto Yasser Arafat. Ahora consigo entender a alguien que la escribe. Tengo la agradable y vana sensación de que la lengua de fuego se ha posado sobre mi cabeza. (Hechos 2,4 y 19,6)

  9. Pentecostés!!!! Glosolalia para todos!! Jajaja...

    Adu1, qué dice de brasileño, ingle, pelo, pleo largo?? Jajajaja...

  10. Beautiful post, beautiful photo.
    By the way, I get confused when you say: "I saw that she saw, and it was shocking". Maybe you want to say "I saw WHAT she saw, and it was shocking". Otherwise you give the impresion that she (the girl you were chasing) realised that you were watching her, and I think that is not the intention of the excerpt. Am I wrong?

  11. Thank you, my dear Lorenzo. You are right, it was a mistake. Mmm, it's true, I didn't want that she realized that I were behind her, and she didn't.
    Have a nice day.


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